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car troubles help please!!???

I have a 1989 Mercedes 300 E this car is so weird. i would be driving down the road hit a bump and everything in my car would lose power my stereo would turn off and my ABS would come on and off and my car would lock up and let off a bunch of time then go back to normal. NOW when i would turn the car off and try to start it right after it would not turn on once i charged it. it would turn right over. but now it wont even hold a charge or work.. im clueless


they are normally quite resiliant to the odd bump and scratch but just take it slow if your worried. i have a bodykit on my car (custom made, one of a kind) it sits 2 inches off the ground and the only problem is the speed bumps i cant go wheel either side or it hits in the middle. what i have to do is make sure one wheel goes on the middle of the speed bump therefor there is still 2 inches minimum between to kit and the bump. one of my mates has a custom kit on his car that sits 1 inch. to go to our local Mc D's there is a speed bump just befor the entrance (on one side) his car wont go over it even taking it slow so he has to drive an extra 3 miles round the block to come from the other way so he can get in.
It does seem unusual that she did not just do it herself. If you were out of harm's way, then she was probably just trying to teach you how to do this (all as you suspect).

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