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cheap wrist protective gloves?

I will be taking the motorcycle safety course in a week and it requires full-fingered, wrist-protective gloves. Does anybody know of a brand that I can get for cheap, since I probably will never wear them again. They seem to be almost impossible to find


No. Wood fibers (the primary component of cardboard is kraft paper, which is made from long virgin wood fibers) don't react to fiberglass resin at all. It might do a bit of a number on the glue in the cardboard, but I don't think that's likely either. Try it and see how it works out. I've applied fiberglass resin directly to shoebox cardboard and been sorry I did it, because then I was stuck with this hard little plank of material that wasn't especially useful. Kind of like an electronics breadboard, what I had. Maybe with more planning I could have done something with it.
Lightning strikes are instant and sporadic.Getting a stable energy supply will prove extremely difficult.Its like the problem of solar power but ten times worse.There isn't a certainty that you'll have that light energy source consistently.There can be a cloud,It could rain which cuts of the source of light energy.So the general problem is keeping it consistent

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