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Chemistry Zinc and Copper question?

What experiment can you do to prove that Zn is not able to reduce Cu??


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Actually, zinc is more reactive than copper and WILL reduce copper(II) ion to copper metal. To demonstrate this, go buy some copper and zinc plated nails from a hardware store, and some lemons from a grocery store. Put one of each nail into the lemon and connect a voltmeter to the two electrodes. You could also create several of these voltaic cells and connect them in series. The voltmeter will not only show the difference in potential, but also which nail is the anode and cathode. Zn + Cu?? -- Zn?? + Cu Anode (oxidation): Zn -- Zn?? + 2 e- Cathode (reduction): Cu?? + 2 e- -- Cu In reality, zinc is commonly used as a sacrificial anode in order to preserve other metals such as iron. For example, a zinc bar is often used on an outboard motor in order to protect the motor (made of steel) from corrosion.
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