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Chengdu has several building materials markets for aluminium extrusions?

Where is the exact location? TwentyBecause I was doing aluminum sales, want to go to the market!Where is the specific market aluminum sales, as long as there is, I have to go around! Say where it is! For example, what area, what road, how many?! Since I went to Chengdu for the first time, please tell me more about it. Thank you!


3rd Ring Rd Sichuan Shaanxi Home Furnishing District 6 Fujimori Mi Avenue Interchange panda is full profile, near the panda road hole profile market two large star market material wholesale. The variety is complete. The interchange in the North Sanhuan.
Two days ago in the city to find the north gate, Xinshengda profile market have taken a little more, Sammy, the gold house electrical city only one sell Aluminum Alloy, Wanguan electrical didn't go to see, tailor steel city to ask a security guard said little or no 512, no Aluminum Alloy sold, only 512 of the next street there is a Aluminum Alloy sell (416 opposite the hospital). Today I went to Qingbaijiang Fengxiang profile market. Where is the place where the aluminum alloy merchants gathered, the profiles, accessories, processing?...... Goods are available in all varieties。 But the aluminum doors and windows only home balcony with the majority, profile industry, such as steel rack chassis radiator with basically No. This market sells stainless steel materials, businesses are also more. Bus route Liang Jia lane to Qingbaijiang on the car, told the driver to Fengxiang market under the line, and 6 yuan fare, cheaper! Drive away the State Road 108 to Mi Mou Town, Fengxiang market in 108 State Road next great, far away saw. This is the latest information, 2013-9-12
512 building materials market 'The two ring road north station over there direction

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