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Computer Headset and Speakers?

I just bought a headset for my computer. The name brand is Gigaware. They are the kind you can talk on through via computer. My dilemma is, it seems that if I have the headset on, my speakers dont work. Or so it seems, I cant have both on at the same time. But if I play music, I can hear it through the headset but not my speakers. If this helps, the speakers have a USB connection and I have XP operating system. I know headsets vary so the setups can be different.What can I do to enable hearing and speaking so that others can hear me through the headset without having to disconnect my speakers? Do I have to turn one off to use the other or can I leave them both on?Can anyone walk me through the process of both headset and speakers?I hope this question makes sense.Thanxbecca


Speakers are designed such that if you have headphones plugged into the headphone jack on the speakers, it disables the speaker output. The reasoning is that if you have headphones on, you don't want the audio to be played out loud. You could probably use a headphone splitter (available in the electronics department of nearly any store) to split the computer's speaker audio output to send the signal to both the speakers and the headphones.

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