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Connection method of shaking head lamp

Shake head light wiring, with the address code to get ah ~ prawns tell me ah ~!


With two heart screen closed line to do signal transmission line, ah, 2 positive, 3 negative, 1 places.Address code, depending on the number of channels you control Taiwan, such as the 8 channel is 1+8+8, so it has been added, if the 12 channel is 1+12, so add, understand? No fixed address code changes with the number of channels in the console
AddSuch as 8 channel console, the first is 1, the second is 1+8=9, and the third is 1+8+8=17 fourth.... Go on like this
First find the control line, to break the fire zero, the control line of two is actually a root, the FireWire connected to one of them, after the switch, connected to the bulb of another interface, and then return to the switch.
Shake head lamp connection1. Introduce the external structure of the head lamp, lamp shade, housing, base, signal line and power line inlet and outlet. There are many classification of head light, 1200 watts, 550 watts and 230 watts to 200 watts, in recent years there has been a small beam power head lights, almost replaced the previously applied 1200 watt computer head lights, but they are the same application principle.2, each computer shake head lamp power supply, ensure each shake head lamp electrify, and then in turn according to the signal line import and export.3. Use the signal wire to connect the head lamp with the console.

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