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Construction scheme of hanging basket of cable stayed bridge

Short platform pull rope type hanging basket


2, rhombic hanging basket structure and technical parameters2.1 rhombic hanging basket structure and technical parametersThe rhombic hanging basket is mainly composed of a rhombic truss, an upper cross beam, a bottom mould platform, a hanging system, a walking system, an anchoring system, a side mould, an internal mould and a bracket, etc.. Technical parameters: applicable to the largest segment of 400t; maximum segment length 4m; beam height of 4.822 ~ 2.5m; for Liang Kuan 37.4m; walking for walking without balance weight; weight hanging basket (including template and support) is 170t; the hanging basket overturning stability coefficient, concrete pouring for 3.2, walking when 11.
The construction scheme for main bridge superstructure: installation of steel pipe column bracket in the cap on the box girder construction 0, No. 1 block on the bracket; 0, 1 complete block construction after the erection of rhombic hanging basket, piecewise symmetric cast until the completion of the No. 18 block construction (including 7 ~ 17 block cable block), forming the largest cantilever structure of T, and then by the side span to middle span by span symmetric closure.
Engineering surveyThe main bridge of the Yellow River bridge is a six cable-stayed bridge with a main span of seven towers and double cable planes. The span of the bridge is 85.12+6 * 140+85.12m. The main beam is made up of a single box and three section variable section PC continuous beam, the height of the beam at the fulcrum is 5m, the height of the middle span beam is 2.5m, and the height of the beam is in the range of 1.6 133m in the middle of the span. Dingkuan 37.4m box girder, bottom width by the supports of the 16.5m gradient across the 28.408m.

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