Cooking Chicken?

Okay so, my mom went to work this afternoon and she told me to cook this chicken she got at the store for supperShe told me to put it in a pan, put some alluminum foil on it and bake itThats basically what I didI lined the pan with aluminum foil, put a little water in it and put some foil over itIts supposed to be lightly marinated, although it doesn't look like it isWill it be okay? Like, in taste and everything? I also heated the oven to 400, because it was really frozen, instead of 375Will it make much of a difference? About 10 minutes ago, I took the foil off, because it didn't look like it was cookingIts been in there for about 30 minutes, the package said 50-60 minutesI'm just wondering if its gonna be okayI'm really stressed because I'm 15, haven't cooked dinner before, and am babysitting 3 kidsPlease, quick answers!


You put a frozen chicken in the oven? Whole chicken, chicken parts, chicken casserole?? The question is a little confusing because if it frozen and a whole chicken it will take longer than 50-60 mins to cookTake the foil off the chicken and if you have any italian salad dressing you can pour some on the chicken while its cooking, BUT if it a casserole DO NOT add the salad dressing to itAlso turn the oven down to 350 degrees and finish cooking at that temperatureThere is no need to stress about it if it takes longer give the kids a snack and feed them dinner when its done cookingRotate the pan by turning it around in the oven and the almost cooked pieces will cook fasterhope this helps.good luck and enjoy.

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