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Count your blessings. Make me a list.?

List your blessings here. All the things in life you thank God for. I will list SOME of mine:my family's healtha homeeducationthe beachJesus Christcreativitymy dogsfood waterclothesa carfriendsneighborscrayonsgreen teaa safe place to livelifethe Biblecute clothesThe Holy Spirita good schoolLovePeaceHopeSightSafetyMy ChurchYour Turn :)


Benjamin Franklin was the first to consider capturing lightning (1750s) and store it. THe same problem still exists. THere simply is no feasible way to build a way to snag and store so much energy in such a short time. Everything would blow out. We can steer lightning away from things but to build a capture and battery storage method of the charge is way beyond us yet. As for making lightning and then catching it, people have no experience at working on that scale. THe volumes of gases involved in creating the electrical potential that results in strike is magnitudes bigger than anything people have attempted, let alone done successfully. There seems to be no physical law that makes it impossible we just are far too small, so far, to work anywhere near the scales involved.
Spongeca,thanks for posting more details as to what you have experienced.This is what I suggest to you,I suggest that you document any evidence that you can,grab a digital tape recorder and try to capture these noises on tape,if you aren't afraid,run the recorder and ask some questions,such is there a spirit present with me,what is your name and why are you here,play back the tape and see if you find any intelligent responses to the questions that you have asked.If you happen to have a video camera,set it up and see if you can capture the closet doors opening.It's highly possible that you may have a spirit in the home.I'm glad you aren't scared,spirits can and will feed off of our fear.Just so you know,there are two types of hauntings,a residual that is like a tape that plays over and over again imprinted in time,it's the left over energy from a person.Now the other type of haunting is an intelligent one that you can communicate with,a residual you can't communicate with at all.Just cop the attitude that that this is your home and your the boss.Tell the spirit to leave that is no longer welcomed in the home.A lot of people will burn sage in their homes,this is to cleanse it and is known as smudging,if you opt to go this route,it must be burnt in each and every room and you must command the presence to leave in Jesus Christ's name,tell it that you are banishing it from the home.Now keep track of when this happens and how often and try to gather all the evidence that you possibly can.I hope this will be of some help.Please come back and share your findings with me.I wish you luck! Tomb Raider
well if some one has died in your family like a grandad or grandma they could be trying to tell you something. or maby be for you moved into the house some one could of got murdered in the house on died and they are prob trying to scare you out of there house

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