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Design and Technology Help?

hello.am doing a project on quot;Foods and Drinksquot;.that is i hav to make smthing which corresponds to this theme.can som1 giv me ideas.OR,,,,tel me wat u would like me to make for u corresponding to the theme


As long as you use it while inside of a wall, you'll be fineMesothelioma (or whatever) doesn't work inside walls.
no you idiotit will give a whopping great mesothelioma thoughnot to mention possible mucormycosis, unless you keep the blanket sanitised BUY A BLANKET
need something that stores, compacts(optional) and transport plastic containers and aluminum canscreates a package that I can carry or better yet push three or four blocks to a recyclable binMost of my recyclable are plastic containers or aluminum cans

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