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diesel clasification?

when looking at an engine what are the main features that are visible which classify it as a diesel engine.thanks


Your above two answers are correctDiesels have a distinct rattle sound as they idle but you can barely hear it at higher engine RPM'sThey use diesel fuel instead of gasolineYou will also see a large fuel injector pump on the side of the engine with individual fuel lines running to each fuel injector nozzle on the cylinder head instead of spark plugsMost diesels have inner - coolers and turbochargers to boost fuel economy and horsepowerIf it has a turbocharger you will see a large round aluminum housing bolted to the exhaust manifoldThe inner-cooler lowers the temperature of the compressed air before it enters the combustion chambersThe rattle or knocking noise is the fuel pump spraying the fuel through the fuel injector nozzles into the power chambers and being compressed and ignited.

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