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Do I need to clear a large room out for laying engineered hardwood/laminate flooring?

I have what people call a great room. Meaning you can sit in my living room and see the kitchen and laundry room...it is basically all one room, a doorway divides the kitchen from the laundry area, and everything else is open. So can I move my fridge and stove, lay the flooring, and then put it right back, all the while working out towards the living room? Then move living room furniture into already laid dining room, pull up carpet, lay flooring, and then put the furniture back? Or do I need to clean out this WHOLE area and put down the whole floor and then move everything back in?


What Carpet? Yes, but in all the details you gave, you did not mention if you are gluing or nailing. If gluing, you will need to give it at least a day to dry hard before moving back onto it. Also have some good heavy cardboard to roll the fridge onto, to save the floor.
Yes, you can do it that way. You will however spend precious installation time by moving the furniture in stages. It's always quicker to completely empty the entire room, then pull up the carpeting (not always an easy job) prepare the floor for the laying of the laminate. My son removed all the carpeting in his home, then put down a laminate floor throughout. It looks super. I hope you're happy with the end result. :)
Yes it can be done that way but you also have to consider the base and are you going to do a shoe molding? And should you glue the engineered floor down you ll have to wait the minimum of 24 hrs . Stapling it down, it isn t a problem.. Doing a laminate, it isn t a problem either you just have to deal with replacing the base or putting a shoe molding , which ever way you decide. Much easier if you can empty the room(s) completely and work on them and then put back together. But if the rooms are separate enough as where you can put the base or shoe back or at least partially, you can do it. One poster suggested putting cardboard down to roll your refridge back.. NO use a luan ply or rent a special mover that picks up the whole unit and sets it in place. Wheels can and do telescope through card board and can mar wood. ( voice of experience ). Any flooring questions you can e mail me through my avatar.. GL

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