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Do smoke alarms respond stove gas?

Last night, the smoke alarm (BRK brand, stuck up on the ceiling) was sounding a single chirp every minute or so. I assumed it was the Low Battery reminder, so I left it alone. My housemate said he fixed it last night by pressing the button or whatever, and mentioned that one of the gas burners was just slightly turned from the off position (accusing me of leaking gas into the kitchen).I've been having serious issues with this housemate lying about issues around the house, and he's already brought this up with my landlord! So, I really need to know: Could the smoke alarm have been beeping in response to gas? (which I honestly don't believe was even present) Even if it was a gas alarm, wouldn't it sound different?I've looked up the different chirps on the BRK website, apparently the Low Battery sound sounds exactly the same as the Supervisory chirp. What is the supervisory sound for?? Is that what it was?Any help is really appreciated!


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I would check out the mattress and electric blanket company websites to be on the safe side, if they don't have it in their FAQ, I would send them an email. Better safe than sorry.

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