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Do tractors dig? friend says no?

Do tractors dig? What about bulldozers?


Sure tractors dig - you put a plow on one of them and cut a furrow - and you can use a modified plow to cut ditches - that's dig ditches. If you did all this with a shovel, you'd be digging plenty.
Tractors do not dig, but they can plow. While bulldozers CAN be outfitted with a bladed bin (Which is mostly used to tear at roads to rebuild/maintain them), that's isn't their primary purpose. Bulldozers are mainly used to move soil, gravel, etc by pushing it. The machine you are thinking of is an excavator, which is always used to dig into the ground, usually lifting removed soil into a dump truck, or a hole.
The tractors I used to drive couldn't dig. They were only designed to take farm machinery like ploughs and harrows, and seed drills etc. Bulldozers push earth around and knock down trees. If you want to dig you need an excavator.

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