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Do you have an alarm system?

If you do I'm just curious to know if you know how to work it? Being an Alarm Dispatcher for the last 6 months 98% of the alarms that come in are false due to residents/businesses not knowing how the alarm works and setting it off constantly themselfs. There are hundreds of false alarms daily where Emergency Services are dispatched. And if you were ever told that your pet has to weigh at least 70lbs by an alarm installer/dealer to set off a motion detector you where lied to., 50% of alarms are set off by animals, balloons or a heat vent inside. And please know what your false alarm password is when we call, so many people dont remember it. If you dont have it police are on thier way. You need to know what it is or you can get a citation from the PD,FD or EMS. I would say alarm systems suck and a dog or two is your best bet as an alarm system. PD will not show up for 15min-2hrs anyway to check on it.


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