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DO you know any proxy's?

how to by pass school systems


A couple of traffic cameras or more police patrols may be the answer.
ok here is what i know all about winter weather including blizzards. if the law enforcement agency says to stay off the roads and highways, just stay home and have a winter weather survival kit at all times when you lose power at home. Also if you have a fireplace in your home be sure to fire that up to heat up your home when power is out and have nonperishable fry canned food products like soup, crackers, cereal, and stuff like that. if you don't have a fireplace in your home then what i would do is get coats, jackets, sweat shits, and blankets to keep you warm at all times when power is out. if traveling, do the same thing. put together a winter weather kit and include non perishable foods like crackers, cereal, etc. have a flashlight, a noaa weather radio, jumper cables, jackets, sweat shirts, coats, blankets, and maybe even a sleeping bag. let someone know your travel time table call ahead to inform family menbers and friends and always check on road conditions like calling your states department of transportation at 511. oh and one more think, get a colored cloth or something that is colored and put it around your radio entana to let someone know that your car has been broken down and that you are stranded. hope this helps.

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