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Do you like this name?

Riley CrusherLast name is Crusher. He is a construction worker. Each time before he blow something up, he would strike a pose like the power rangers and said, Crusher impact! He is my wife's uncle.


Thats really infinite All the regular verbs end in -ed (talked), some in -ied (tried), others in -ad (had) and -id (hid) plus a lot of nouns..kid, head, bed and adjectives..bad, sad, rad, glad etc. Too many! :)
This disorder is when someone imagines that they look in a way that they actually don't. Such as when someone is anorexic. They see themselves as fat when they are actually skin and bones. This can also include people that think they are ugly and want plastic surgery to fix this and then to fix that until they actually become ugly. Some people believe that Michael Jackson suffered from this condition. It's a Psychological condition where the mind does not see reality but distorts it in the persons head.
The P.V.C. tells you. It is made of Poly Vinyl Chloride.
I've plumbed with all manner of pipe, but never seen black PVC. I think you're mistaking it for ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) if it's rigid or Polyethylene if it's flexible. PVC (Poly-Vinyl-Chloride) is generally used in plumbing for pressure handling situations or CPVC for high heat areas and pressure. ABS is for drainage only. If it's a pressure line, don't use ABS, it's not rated for it. The glues for both are different as well. If you are mating ABS to PVC, it can be done, but you'll need what's called transition cement. Poly pipe is generally joined by using insert fittings, but some types can be heat fused, such as that used in loops for ground source heat pumps. ( that was our winter biz)

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