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Do you think that hell is really &a lake of fire& or a metaphor?

Like a metaphor for the absence of God's love? I thought about it today and then I said that what if the Bible writers used lake of fire or anything else as to describe how it would feel in hell. Like maybe without a good side, nothing you ever wanted, loneliness, and darkness. Well just a thought, your opinions? Thanks.


Soif he was afraid of getting E. coli in his mouth, did he ever wonder why his breath stank so bad in the mornings after sleeping all night? Surprise. E. coli is in there. Why is it in there? Because it is on your hand, on your phone, all over your money, on the door handle to the bathroom that 70% of men touch without washing their hands, on video game controllers, etc. The vaginal and oral flora (bacterial populations) are essentially identical. In fact, since the vagina is self-cleaning, the mouth is actually dirtier because we are touching the environment, then touching the food we put in our mouths.
Like others already mentionedThe red is for interconnecting the smokes(which is required by most NEW building codes)You would have to re-wire to each smopke detector to get this feature..but I guess its better than nothing, just leave the red unconnected.

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