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Does a diverter valve make the same basic sound that a blow off valve does?

Does a diverter valve even make a sound at all?


I don't know what this Oscar Hoyas is talking about but a diverter valve sends the pressurized air back into the intake stream while a blowoff valve sends it into the atmosphere, a blowoff valve makes much more noise than a diverter valve, which is almost inaudible. Check into the function of a diverter valve as opposed to a blowoff valve if you are on the fence between the two.
No. A diverter will typically be installed before any catalytic converter or muffler to allow you to have a free straight flowing exhaust by dumping the exhausted there. it has two out puts and one input. one out goes to stock exhaust one to open exhaust. Noise on demand really. Blow off valves for are for Turbo charged cars and make a whistling noise when they release air pressure when u let off the gass.
No. The only time a diverter valve makes a sound like a blow off valve is when it is torn. When this happens you will also notice a loss of power.
Diverter Valve Sound
I have had both on my car. A blow off valve gives off a loud Hiss. If you want to know what a diverter valve sounds like when it vents, flick a metal pipe with your finger. Its kind of a metallic clink noise that is much quieter then the blow off valve. BOV's are also illegal in many places as it is venting exhaust gases to the atmosphere. BOV's are also much more likely to cause your Check engine light to come on because the mass air flow sensor has an idea of how much air should be passing by it. When you put a blow off valve in, that air pressure is vented to the atmosphere and the mass air flow can give false readings causing your fuel mixture to be changed. The diverter valve does not vent it to the atmosphere but sends it back through the intake system again so your CEL shouldnt come back on

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