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Does anyone have any good tips on how to get rid of static cling in clothes? ?

I've heard of hairspraydoes it really work? I've also heard that a safety pin on the inside of your garment works too. Any idea if it really does? Thanks!


If it's just a beep every minute or so, try changing the battery like propreno suggested. If it's going off like it detected smoke you probably need to replace the one that's going off without cause. If all of the smoke alarms go off in the entire house at the same time and there's no smoke or danger, you'll have to eliminate the problem by taking each one off the house current (power) and find which one is causing the problem.
If you use a glue to attach the stone after the resin has cured, try using a 2-part epoxy glue since it's the same basic stuff. You might also just use a bit of 2-part epoxy resin as glue to attach the stone to the cured molded resin just apply a bit of it to the back of the stone, apply to the cured resin, then let the new resin cure. You used the term embed though rather than just putting the stone on top of the resin, so the only thing I can think of would be to use a mold which created a recess on the top of the cast, then put the stone into the recess after curing and add a bit more resin around it. Or you could grind out a depression in the cured resin instead. Or you could perhaps apply the resin on top of the cured resin in a large enough pool that it would come up around the edges of the stone when the stone was pressed onto it, creating a kind of embedding. Or, especially if the original cast resin isn't flat, you could create a well on top of the cured resin with non-drying kids' modeling clay, then pour the new resin around and under the stone inside that well (remove clay after curing). HTH, Diane B.

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