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Does education on fuel cell engineering excites?

i like the concept of fuel cells and zero emission. can any on tell me if there's any majors of this type of engineering ,and what schools might offer this type of major. thx


Its a toss-up between materials science, chemistry, physics, mechanical and electrical engineering. All of these disciplines can be, and are, involved in the design of fuel cells. The discipline you choose depends on what area you like. The issues that must be addressed include: chemical processes, materials analysis, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, electrical power conversion, etc. etc. The list is large. Any decent university that has a good applied science and/or engineering program will teach these topics and will likely be involved in fuel cell research of some type. P.S. Just so you know, fuel cells do have emissions, its just that the emissions are considered greener than most other fuels (mostly turning hydrogen into to water). But usually energy must be used to generate the hydrogen to start with this is not always a very 'green' process. It's an interesting field, but keep an eye out for rhetoric and hype.

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