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Does It Matter If My Homeade Coils Are Hollow Or Solid?

Many people wrap their coils around empty toilet paper tubes, pringle cans, PVC, etc.Does it matter if the tubes are hollow or not? Like imagine wrapping the coils around wooden dowels.Also, I picked up some lacquer to keep my coils from unwindingDo you think I could remove the inside tube when the lacquer has dried? I think it'd look a lot more neat without some ghetto PVC pipe sticking up lawl


I have often forgone the sleeping bag when I have wanted to go really light and have used a thin fleece blanket I made for the purposeIt worked wonders for a long time, untill I gave it to a homeless guy in a rain storm (another story altogether)That said, you will want some sort of ground/sleeping pad if it is cooler weatherYou can use one of the ridge rest 3/4 pads, closed cell foam, inexpensive and very lightIf weight is not a consideration, a thermarest would be great with a blanket (although you might slide around a bitGet a pack of the big saftey pins used for cloth diapersThen you can pin your blanket and make a pseudo sleeping bag.
Yes of course you canYou need to keep in mind that if it will be colder than say 60 degrees the ground will be very coldSleeping bags also vary in temp controlSome will keep you nice and toasty and some are the same as blankets I prefer a warmer bag this time of the yearHave fun!
If they are _really good_ insulators, and it's not too cold outside, yes Otherwise, a good sleeping bag will keep you a lot more comfortable Also, don't forget that the ground is cold - even with a sleeping bag or your hopefully thick blankets, you'll need some padding/insulation between you and the ground.
I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say .take cover and a blanketWould that be the same as two blankets, or a blanket and a sheet or a thin coverlet? One blanket isn't going to be enough in anything but the warmest weatherTwo might be okay, but three would be more like itAnd even then you would need proper blanket pins (like diaper pins, but bigger) to pin the folded blankets together as a bedroll The blankets get folder before they're pinned, and you get something like 4 layers underneath and two on top if I remember rightI'm going back a few decades here, guys, so bear with meYou will need much more insulation underneath you because the cold comes up at you from the underneath(In reality, the cold ground leaches away your body warmth.) One blanket only works in the movies, where they're just pretending for the cameraBack when I was a Boy Scout the manual, Scouting For Boys showed us how to make a sleeping bag of sorts from some blankets and a set of blanket pinsThat was three blankets, no lessSince 3 blankets plus a groundsheet, plus pins is heavy and awkward to carry, set up, and take home againEveryone nowadays uses sleeping bags, and I did back then as a kidForget blanketsThey are a painBuy a decent quality sleeping bag so you will sleep good and warmIf you skimp on this, I promise you, you will be wide awake during the small hours of the morning, shivering with cold and praying for the daylight to come so you can get up and get a warm drinkI have been there and done thatOnce was enough! You will also want a sleeping pad or other extra insulation - like a foam mattress - underneath youHobos (tramps) use layers of newspaper, since it a pretty good insulatorVagrants (homeless people) who sleep in parks will often stuff newspaper into their clothing for extra warmthBut you won't need these tricks as long as you have a reasonable quality sleeping bag.
As long as the core material is neither conducting nor magnetic, it does not matterYou can also remove the former after lacquering if you wishThere might be a certain risk of damage being caused by the removalMaybe some grease-proof paper over the former, before winding and applying lacquer, would help prevent thatEditYou can use aluminium foil to help you separate the coil from the former but it won't separate as easily as the grease-proof paper and you must be sure to get it all out - being a good conductor, it will have induced eddy currents which will reduce the inductance especially if it forms a closed loop inside the coil!

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