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does someone have an axe to grind against a-rod?

i'm not saying he's innocent, he's the only name to leak of the 103 names and now this bomb shell book what's next


I know you did not ask for advice, but I am giving it anyway. I doubt that the old man would have had time to leave the house, get to another location, tie up the child and take a video in the amount of time from hearing the scream until getting the text message. Also a scream can be blood curdling (as in it curdles your blood) but I don't think blood hurtling is a correct description of a scream, it sounds more like an event at a vampire festival. Is there going to be magic involved and if not, how did she see the man's reflection in the water? If you fix those things it will be an adequate story and a good title would be A Babysitter's Nightmare or The Text Murderer
It depends on the size of the bottle In Australia the cost of refilling a small fire extinguisher is often more than it costs to buy another, especially when you add in the freight costs both ways. With CO2 fire extinguishers the bottles are the most expensive part so its usually worth re-cycling them. A 5kg refill can cost anything from $80 to $150 depending on the company. The Australian Standard for fire extinguishers says they have to be pressure tested every 5 years. That involves emptying them, testing the pressure, and then refilling them. If you have a building full of them you'll usually get a better deal. If you just let your fire maintenance contractor do it, you'll probably get ripped off.

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