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Does the airport tractor have a lot of horsepower, Can you push the plane?

Does the airport tractor have a lot of horsepower? Can you push the plane?


An aircraft towing vehicle is a support device for towing aircraft on the ground of an airport. Unlike cars and ships, the plane cannot reverse". When a plane parked in the corridor or parking, without any external traction, it is not his "departure" to the runway, it requires tractor. In addition, aircraft towing vehicles also need to be used if the aircraft is closed due to failure and airport environmental protection, or to shut down its engine to reduce operating costs.Due to the requirement of traction and braking force of aircraft, the self - mass of aircraft tractor is larger. Aircraft tractors can be divided into large and medium-sized. Among them, large aircraft tractors are used to tow large wide body aircraft and cargo aircraft, mainly to drag aircraft to the taxiway.
In fact, the airport ground is generally reinforced concrete structure, the friction is not as great as expected, and drag is the wheel, as long as the traction is greater than the wheel and ground static friction, the aircraft will be able to move. For example, it's the same reason that a kid pulls on a roller skate or a pony pulls a cart. Entertainment programs are particularly popular, a game "star pull aircraft", folk also have Hercules rely on aircraft to compete strength.
The basic structure and classification of aircraft tractor:Aircraft tractor is a high-tech product which integrates power, electricity and liquid. The chassis usually adopts four wheel drive, four wheel steering and hydraulic power steering system, safe and convenient operation; some also equipped with automatic centralized lubrication system, in addition to some special lubrication points, car lubricating point for most without manual maintenance, all can be done automatically by the system, improve the reliability of the aircraft; most of tractor cab you can lift (to improve vision), combined with ergonomic design, safety and comfort, good visibility; the top part of the cab is equipped with anti touch switch, the obstacle stops rising to prevent cab rises against the aircraft, to ensure the safety of aircraft.

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