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Easy Science Question ???

Which is the biggest volume 45g aluminum or 20g Brassand the density of the aluminum is 2.7g/cm 3and the density of the brass is 8.5g/cm 3 I think that think that its the aluminum is it?????sorry i just want to find out


Your volume of aluminum is much larger, 16.7 cc to 2.35 ccYou have your values ma 45g da 2.7g/cc mb 20g db 8.5g/cc You just take how much you have, and invert the density (mass / volume becomes volume / mass) and multiply, the units of mass cancel out, leaving volume: Aluminum (45g) (1cc / 2.7g) 16.7 cc Brass (20g) (1cc / 8.5g) 2.35 cc

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