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Edible Cell Project? Need Ideas!?

Okay well, we either have a choice of a plant or animal cellI was thinking of doing Animal since it requires less organellesHere are the required Organelles:Cell WallCell MembraneCytoplasmEndoplasmic ReticulumRibosomeMitochondriaVacuoleLysosomeChloroplastNucleusChromosomesGolgi Complex/apparatusPlease copy and paste and write down what it should be! Please don't make it too big and we're most likely going to eat it in class, so do you think that you can put in stuff that won't make you throw up after eating it? I was thinking of sweetsThank you for your help!!p.sthe cell wall/membrane can be inedibleSo it can be like a ziploc bag or aluminum foil or plastic wrapThanks!


either like a cookie with different stuff in it or mabe a big slice of watermellon with different fruits in it

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