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Elements on Household items and products.?

I have a project in AdvChemistry that is due Friday and I can't think of very much things do help meI have googled myself to death! So, I am turning to you guys please help!!!! Here are the directions:Many items in your home or classroom are made up of common elementsSearch your home to find items that contain single elements, NOT compoundsYou must bring something to prove the existence of the element (Label, or something on the internets saying so) You need to find 12 elements within different items, 12 different elements in 12 different items.I need elements such as Iron, but not compounds such as Sodium ChloridePLEASE HELP ME!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!


It would help to know which 24 elements you are looking for if we are to give you any helpHere are a few examples: NaCl - table salt Cu - penny Fe - paperclip C - sugar A single multi-vitamin will give you a lot of elements - look at the label! Do a search for the element name, then see if any of the results list products containing that element.
Oct 8, 2018

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