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[emergency help] computer power burned, the motherboard will be bad together?

My computer power burned, power burn, maintenance people said: "the motherboard is broken."."Is it possible?It's best to say whyThen, can the motherboard be repaired?Or should I change it?How much would it cost to change the motherboard?


The power supply has the function of regulating the current and voltage, so the normal version can not withstand our daily AC power. So it certainly burns the main version. Change it quickly,
Common sense: try not to switch the computer regularly, so you can reduce the service life of the power supply. Boot time is the loss of power of life, when the power supply voltage will suddenly discharge current to the main power, so many computer, often there will be a day before everything is normal, second days suddenly not boot, no electricity. Because of the power on when the discharge. Cause damage to power or voltage and current to hit the main board.
Some maintenance, you do not understand, may be Mongolia you, a lot of money earnedBut not necessarily, and some power, poor quality, the motherboard is burning smoke, the power is not protected, especially some of the cheap power, so you can only change the power to tryOr, take the broken power to multiple maintenance points and ask if they are consistent and are planning to do so
Power is broken, the motherboard is broken, it is possible that the motherboard is bad because the power supply is bad, two bad, are replaced, of course, spend more money. Motherboard how much, look at the main board, new, more than 300, and some are bound to change second-hand, new, no, the price may be cheaper.
As far as I can estimate, the instantaneous current is too large, and the quality of your power supply is not up to standard! Computer repair should not lie to you!The motherboard can not repair, it is a highly integrated circuit, only for a!About 800-1100 of the price, depending on the quality of good or bad! Gigabyte and ASUS!

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