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Everybody, what do you think of the grid going down?

Run to the bomb shelters, head to the missile silos, flee to the mountains!Iran is supposedly supposed to disable the grid. Your opinion? Is it just hysteria run amuck?


You're about as paranoid as Dale Gribble.
Iran is not a threat to us.
I think it's a possibility. EMP'S are what I envision happening the most. I don't think being prepared is 'hysteria'. I don't know if it will come from Iran though, maybe some of their powerful 'friends' though.
Before the central government and their corporate owners ran all the small power plants out of operation, that would have been all but impossible. I doubt Iran has the technology to perform such a feat, even with our highly centralized generation system. A more likely scenario would be the corporate owners of the government would decide to do something like that on their own and blame Iran. What a great way to seize even more money, power and control for the Corporation of America?
China has hacked into our computers thousands of times. What makes you think Iran can't ? They can cause caos and shut down power plants , but I would think the power stations should be able to be brought back up without computers.

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