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Everything about Solar Panels?!?

I'm doing a project for school where I will buy a solar panel and utilize/improve the power output of the panel. I want the panel to have an improved amount of energy output compared to the original. My budget for the solar panel itself is ~$00. Anything else that will be needed is covered.Also, I will be comparing the power by lighting a light bulb and checking to see the output energy of the panel.Where or how should I approach this project?What are the parts of the solar panel that I will need to buy?What factors could I change/improve to improve the overall energy output?What are the things (other than the panel) that I will need to buy?How can I attach a light bulb to the solar panel?


when you're in Malaysia, i'm no longer effective why you desire a heater, except perhaps a water heater. For that, use a photo voltaic heater right away. For the electrical energy, the most value-efficient thanks to do that's to stay linked to the grid, and offset your bill with photo voltaic. That way, you do not favor to oversize the photo voltaic for contingencies. there'll be compromise on your way of existence, each and every thing that plugs into the wall today will nevertheless plug into the wall and artwork advantageous.
The okorder to find the info there.
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Solar okorder /

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