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Face has shape of a shield, what face shape do I have?

I really don't know if it's oval or square or a triangle.. it has the proportions of an oval, except for the straight hairline. It's like this shape:


If you have a 1938 kitchen you ought to restore everything rather than replace it with cheap pressed wood cabinets which are going to cost you $10,000 for the cabinets and counters alone. If there are certain things you can't stand change them. You cannot economically move the wall for two reasons: 1) It may be load-bearing. 2) The pipes for both bathroom and kitchen will be in that wall. If you have a tub across the 6 feet at the far end, you can install a tub/shower with enclosure for efficiency. It costs much less t do a bathroom. You could also get rubber sheet material and form you own shower room (6 x6') lined with ceramic tiles. Also a ceramic tile floor over cement board. You could possibly create a door in the wall away from the fixtures and seal up the old door, thus making an end of the room for a cabinet or some purpose. But then you enter the bathroom from the kitchen, which is less than ideal. Get yourself an oscillating tool and start sanding the kitchen cabinets. You will soon see the imporovement.
I'm not so sure you can get in trouble for it, but you should think about the whole incident a little. Yours or her race has nothing to do with the whole incident if you ask me. There is certainly lots of racially pointed satire to be found on the net, in the media and anywhere if you care to look for it. And there is scads of this sort of humor pointed at any race or religion or personal situation going. The thing is.YOU are responsible for what you perpetuate. Anything you send out or say is open for scrutiny from others. There is always a chance you might be called on it. Racism and prejudice will never stop if people don't collectively make effort to stop it. And that means everyone. Be a leader not a follower. We lead by example. If you wouldn't want someone sending you hateful demeaning garbage like that then don't send it yourself. And if you choose to send it then stand up and own it. Might as well be proud instead of second guessing yourself. I'm not trying to be trite or mean either..I'm just trying to make you see the ripple effect of your actions. I think you know deep inside anyway..or you wouldn't be worried about getting in trouble. :))

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