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fire pump capacity. and 2.5 inch hoses?

I have a fire pump with 15 H.P.But i don?t know how many 2.5 Inches hoses can be connected if the presure needed is 10 Kg/cm2


Read Les S Answer. the Police are already on patrol, riding around the community, and usually arrive on location ahead of the fire department. If the conditions are livable, the Police will often try to rescue someone form a burning structure. I did twice in my career. But, the building was not fully charged with smoke to the extent that Self Contained Breathing Apparatus would be needed. After that point, it is not possible to enter the building with breathing apparatus, and the p[oclie would also die in the fire. Fires on TV are nothing like fires ion real life. You can't just walk around in burning buildings. The Fire Department would also not enter the building without SCBA. The FD will have people inside in proper equipment trying to make the rescue. The Police are not stupid, and would not be inside. Don't pay too much attention to what you see on TV. NO TV Police shows are realistic. Very few police e officers in the US are cross trained or work as Public Safety officers. Those who are trained like that would also not enter a building like that without proper gear.
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