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Fishing with firearms question?

Ok, my friend claims it is ok to hunt sharks with guns, and I said it wasn'tNeither of us has done sea fishing, but it seemed to me like it would be illegal, because of the lead in the bulletscan somebody help me?


You can keep a firearm (handgun or otherwise) in your boatBang-sticks, (an aluminum tube with a 12 Gauge shotgun charge in the end), are usually used for people who are targeting larger Sharks and SwordfishFor smaller Sharks you would just use an aluminum baseball batYou can't fish with a firearm but you can subdue an already caught LARGE fishIf your far enough Offshore, (in International Waters) it's almost a pre-requisite to have a couple firearms on-board.(lol) In Florida, I kept a .357 in my Flats Boat loaded with snake shot for Gators and aggressive Water Moccasins and the occasional TOTAL idiotYou'd be surprised how many drug deals and questionable shite goes on in the middle of a swamp.nice to have a loaded gun along to even the odds.

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