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fundamental functional parts of a boiler??

a coal based power plant question.......what the various functional parts of a boiler???


WATER TUBE BOILER 1. Water drum = where the boiler water is contained. 2. Water tube -= tubes that are expose to the furnace. where the water is heated in the furnace. 3. Super heater tube = where the steam is converted into super heated steam. 4. Furnace =where the coal is burn to heat the water tube. 5. Furnace Air blower= use to blow air into the furnace in to help burn the coal. 6. Furnace Bed = a moving bed of steel where the coal is lied and burn. 7. Exhaust Fan = suck the exhaust gas inside the furnace to be vented to the atmosphere. 8. Water pump = supply water to the boiler drum. 9. Fuel feeder = where the coal is feed to furnace. 10. Safety valve = vent the steam if steam pressure exceed the maximum desire pres. 11. Sight glass = where the water level is monitored manually. 12. Ash container = where the coal ash is dump. 13. Day Tank = where the boiler water is stored.

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