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furthering my knowledge in real estate?

ive taken basic real estate classes in college. now im looking to further my education in the real estate through more/other college classes. i would love to eventually own my own business successfully flipping houses. what classes could i take to help myself gain more knowledge in this field? i was thinking about a business degree, but thought that i might ask some experts before i make a decision. thanks and have a good day!


depending on where you live, some colleges do not offer real estate courses. in most cases, you have to be state certified to work as a real estate salesperson. search real estate businesses and courses in your local area, then also look for your local government on the web. they should have an area of where and which schools are state certified to teach real estate. Sometimes they offer their courses online, for a fraction of the cost, as to actually attending a class room setting. Its really not that expensive. Actually, its a lot cheaper then attending a 'college'. Hope this helps!! Good luck.

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