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General indoor ceiling is how high ah

General indoor ceiling is how high ah


If the home is installed in the dark frame ceiling, remember to set the maintenance hole, the living room ceiling gypsum board without aluminum plate demolition. There are a lot of people set the maintenance of red will affect the beauty, generally do not ask to set, but once the ceiling of the wire tube, wire and so out of the fault you can not determine where the problem, and why, more can not be repaired. If your living room ceiling of the installation of the pipeline must be set to repair the hole, maintenance holes can choose in the more subtle and easy maintenance of the place, can not casually choose the location. If you feel that the maintenance hole affect the beautiful, you can play their own imagination, the repair hole to do some artistic treatment, this does not affect the appearance, but also very convenient.
Most of the living room is now used in the hanging ceiling, so the material must be selected, followed by the construction must be standardized, such as the connection should be strong, the location to install the correct and so on. And the ceiling must choose fire materials, if it is wood materials must also do fire treatment, the ceiling of the electrical line to follow the standard operation, to avoid fire and other hidden dangers.
Living room ceiling commonly used materials are wood plywood, stone paste board, decorative gypsum board, plastic buckle plate, aluminum plate and plastic organic translucent plate. Different ceiling of the material according to the different ceiling height will produce a different feeling.
The height of the living room ceiling is determined by the floor and the scene. For the average family, the height of the living room is 3.3 meters, the higher the living room ceiling is better, the height of the 3.3-meter living room can be 3 meters, and the product is low. If you can do higher, of course, the effect will be better.
If you are using a glass or light box ceiling, remember to use safety glass. The ceiling is on top of our things, if the use of glass and other fragile to do the ceiling, it is undoubtedly put a time bomb in his head. Although the current color of glass, frosted glass ceiling are very unique, but can not fail to pay attention to safety issues, so in the selection of materials, we must use safety glass, and now, only two kinds of safety glass, is tempered glass and Laminated glass.

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