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Graphics 770 AMD eight nuclear bulldozer playing World of Warcraft in the field in 20 - 25.

Beg great God to point out, 5Computer model X64 compatible desktop computerOperating system Windows 7, ultimate 64 bit SP1 (DirectX 11)Processor AMD, FX, -8150, Eight-Core eight kernelMain board ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 (ATI RD890 PCI to PCI bridge (external gfx0 port B))Memory 16 GB (G.skill DDR3 2133MHz)The main drive of Kingston SV300S37A60G (60 GB / SSD)Video card Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 (2 GB / ASUS)Display Samsung SAM0907 SMS24B750V (24 inches)Sound card Nvidia, GeForce 6800, Ultra @ ATI, IXP SB600/SB700/SB800, hi fi audioRTL8168F PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet card Realtek NIC / ASUS


Have a look at your system.. The feeling is that something is wrong with your systemSuch a high configuration will not be 20 Jen
Wow is a CPU game with limited support, dual core, and more importantly, single core performanceA:One operation of the CPU is to predict the amount of instruction (from memory) to read instructions - decoding - - - to output (to memory); such a process is generally referred to as the "clock cycle"".The actual performance of CPU in a program can be interpreted as equal to the core number x (which can be exploited) and the number of instructions actually executed in each x clock cycle.At present, the number of instructions per cycle "actual execution of this indicator, AMD is far behind INTEL; so it can increase the number of cores, raise the frequency (higher frequency can increase the number of clock cycles per second execution), to obtain the final performance is close to or equal to the same level of CPU application in INTEL support for multi-core and multi thread, but in the multi-core multi process support application in good condition, effect of frequency, number of cores can play is relatively limited.When a major feature of developing people with AMD CPU wow playing less, simple environment do not see a problem, flowing freely, many people, when big data (many people of the city, a copy of the data explosion broke out, when the moment), a prototypeTwo:Even a single nuclear, amd (instruction set architecture) the cache hit rate is far lower than Intel, CPU cache delay and alarming high, led directly to the efficiency of AMD is much lower than that of Intel, in simple terms, CPU 1 MHZ Intel AMD CPU is approximately equal to 1.5 MHZ, the 3.6 of you (4.2) G CPU. But the equivalent of Intel 2.4 (2.8).
AMD CPU, ha ha ha......Bai is blind to other such high configurations.
Yes, so it's a problem with the system you installed, or you can find a computer expert to see the compatibility of your computer and the power of your power supply

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