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Growing Key Limes?

Is it possible to grow a key lime tree/bush from the actual lime itself? How much watering do they require? I live in the north Texas area, and we're pretty much past the frost, but I can keep the plant inside and it will still get plenty of sun (all my windows face south). Should I remove the seed from the fruit, plant the fruit whole, or split the fruit open and then plant it?


Is your nap going to be an 8 hour nap? The texture will be mealy and unappealing.
yes you can but smell it to make sure its still good
8 hrs is too long. But, it is not a fatal mistake. Essentially, the acid in the lime juice will start cooking the chicken. (If you did this to fish, it would be called escabiche...this dish is fish cooked only with acid from lime or lemon juice, typically.) So, the texture may be a bit off b/c some of the chicken has cooked in acid, but it should be fine.
I would remove the chicken from the marinade before taking your name. The acid in the lime might start cooking the chicken and will change the texture of the chicken. An hour or two of marinating should do the trick. You can marinate the chicken for as long 3 or 4 hours.
Lime juice is acidic and will begin to deteriorate the texture of the chicken. The max is 30 mins.

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