gum? ?

If i took gum out of wrapper, how long would it last in regular aluminum foil or ziploc bag, cuz i need to use the gum wrappers


gum is fairly cheap why not just chew what you want and when you want more buy it or give some to your friends
I don't see why not! If the dough should happen to stick a little bit ,it can't hurt anything.I'd do it.
sounds better, the problem with crusts is they get too moist, i have never heard of wraping them and refridgerating them but as long as you are careful wrapping them the foil should work.
it can be i would spray it with spray oil first though and not wrap it up too tightly also another thing you can do is instead of using foil you can try using wax paper instead all else fails go back and get saran wrap or go oever and get yourself those pilsbury already made crusts .
noDo you have wax paper? if not make your balls then put back in mixing bowl, cover with a towel and then put in frig.

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