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Guys: How's Sandy storm there?

Here in Tamil Nadu in India, we are facing Neelum storm.


It's gone in virgina. New York and some other states been severely affected by it though. I'll be praying for you guys over in India!
Im in Texas, No effect here. But im saddened by what has happened to so many people. May God have mercy on us all.
seems like a ripoff to me to get federal funds every person should have a weeks worth of food and candles hell a hundred years ago we had no elec lights oh and federal funds means you and me and our INCOME TAXES the government is not a producer edit it looked like a light overhyped storm i grew up in the caribbean-maybe im from a different perspective
Best wishes for a good outcome regarding your storm. I was lucky with outcome of Sandy. Power out for two hours only and no damage to Pennsylvania home. Still waiting on information regarding my family's shore home in New Jersey. Lucky that father left the island ahead of storm. No word yet, on condition of home on the water. No one can go back onto the island yet. We expect that our docks are gone and the garage is flooded based on pictures posted. Thankfully, the boat was already dry docked a few weeks ago. It should be okay. New Jersey apparently took the biggest hit from the storm.
My daughter is in New York City. Still no power. Her school has a diesel generator so the dining hall is open. I'm on the other side of the country. I wish she was here! I will pray for you all as well. @x7: My daughter bought food, water, candles and extra flashlight batteries Monday morning, early. The shelves were nearly bare by then. Planning ahead in NYC usually means a can of mace or a zapper. Hurricanes like this one are a rare event.

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