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Hanging basket installation, removal of dangerous source identification



In practice, control and management of the hidden dangers of accidents and hazards of always together, because there is no hidden danger is not to control it; and to control the dangerous source, is to eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents or prevent the accidents. Therefore, in practice, sometimes the use of these two concepts are not the same.
In general, there may be hidden dangers of accidents, there may be no hidden dangers for the existence of hidden dangers of accidents must be timely rectification, otherwise it may lead to accidents.
The first is a potentially dangerous source of energy and material release dangerous, can cause personal injury, property damage or damage to the environment, in the role of the trigger factors can be transformed into the accident location, area, location, space, position, and the position of equipment in a system. It is the essence of a potentially dangerous source or location, is the source of the outbreak of the accident, is the core of the concentration of energy, hazardous substances, where the energy from where the outbreak or outbreak. The hazard sources exist in the identified system, the different system range, and the hazard source region. For example, from a national point of view, for dangerous industries (such as oil, chemicals, etc.) a specific enterprise (such as oil refineries) is a dangerous source. From an enterprise system, it may be a workshop, warehouse is a dangerous source, a workshop system may be a device is a dangerous source; therefore, the analysis of risk sources should be carried out according to the different levels of the system.

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