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Has anyone used a cement tile to?

make a backsplash i have some molds at 6''x6'' and i want to make a backsplash with cement in my kitchen will the cement tiles work if i seal them or can you tell me a site to look up so info.


They will work and there's many patterns and colors you can add too. You'll have to use a good construction adhesive on the backside to glue them in place on the wall but I'm not sure which one right now. You can butt them together along the wall or leave a gap for some tile grout to add later (tile grout comes in different colors too). Be sure to use a ready to use (ready-mix) cement mix (it has the sand in it already you only need to add water) and not a concrete mix (concrete has stones in it), some of the DIY projects do use concrete for patio stones or stepping stones but for wall tiles you only need to use a ready to use cement. There are many other sites out there too, just do a Google search for making cement tiles.
I agree with Fraz. I would use sand mix.(just add water) Use thin-set to glue tiles to wall and I would also back butter each tile before placing them. Good Luck

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