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Have you ever NOT slowed down at a speed bump?

Uhh what do you think happens if u dont slow down


No. I'm still a fan of Reigns and Rollins. Ambrose, not so much.
Ben Franklin's library was not funded by purloined wealth from taxpayers; it was funded by voluntary contributions. Mr. Franklin's lightning rod was also voluntarily given to the public, not forced from him by the State. These are not examples of socialism, which advocates the forcible redistribution of wealth in order to provide services like libraries and patented articles. These are actually the kinds of voluntary contributions to society that are only possible under a capitalist system. Under capitalism, you may keep and control vast sums of wealth, some of which you may choose to utilize to create libraries or educational institutions or any other institution that may be beneficial to society. These are funded voluntarily out of your surplus. Under socialism/Marxism, there is no surplus; therefore, there is little to voluntary contribute. BTW, the fire department was also a volunteer fire department. Another example of what can be accomplished by those who have a surplus of time and resources, thanks to capitalism. As for policethere is no capitalist in the world who advocates private security for everyone. A capitalist believes that the government is responsible for protecting the rights of every individual, rich or poor. This means that the government should consist of a police force to protect you from another person who would rob or harm you, a military to protect you from foreign invaders, and a court system to resolve disputes without resorting to violence. You are criticizing something you don't fully understand.

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