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Help choosing car alarm?

ok so i was just at my local car audio shop looking for an alarm. i want a pager alarm and they have two kinds.1.Viper two way pager with LCD screen, requires bypass2.Autopage, also a two way pager with LCD and also requires bypass,,,the guy basically told me that if i go with the Viper, i‘m looking at about $500. with the Autopage, i‘m looking about $300 something he says that they both are the same and with the Viper i‘m just paying for the name. which one do you recomend?


Ask about the warranty on both, I am guessing the cheaper one provides a year warranty while the Viper provides a lifetime warranty on the system (not installation). Also ask the installer what is their warranty on installation. Places like Best Buy offer a lifetime warranty on the installation if you buy the alarm system from them and have them install it. Just a note from my personal experience. The installation place may offer a lifetime warranty on installation but it doesn't do it any good if the place folds. I bought a really nice alarm system back in 2000 from Circuit City that had a lifetime warranty on the installation, they stopped carrying the brand years later (Clifford) and now Circuit City closed down all of their stores.
It depends if you want to be able to say that you have a viper. He is mostly correct you are paying 200 more for the brand. Vipers however are very good and auto pages arent too bad. If i were you and i had the money i would get the viper but if your tight on money go with the aropage but make sure a proffesional installs it i have cars in my shop all the time that wont start, all this crap only because of the alarm system.

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