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My lights went out, now that they turned back the smoke detector wont stop????


Way to go on your participation in CERT. For the most part, the only things an EMT would carry in addition to basic first aid supplies are things that you are not trained or qualified to use - like airways, certain drugs, oxygen administration equipment, diagnostic equipment. In general, I'll give you my list. -Plenty of latex or nitrile gloves -Surgical masks or N95 respirator masks -Eye protection -CPR face shields -Splinting materials (I personally like SAM splints) -Trauma shears -Bandage shears -Space blanket or bivy sack -Instant cold packs -Antiseptic wipes -Antibiotic ointment -Antimicrobial hand wipes or gel -Sterile 4x4, 5x9, and 10x30 dressings -Gauze bandages -Triangular bandages -Medical tape (transpore) -Bandaids -Eye wash -Tweezers -Anti-diarrheal medication (pepto-bismol comes in chewable form) -Aspirin pain reliever -Non-aspirin pain reliever It's more important that your kit has supplies for you and your family than for other people. Make sure that you stock the kit with extras of any prescription drugs anyone in your family takes and general comfort supplies like tampons, pads, contact solution, hydrocortisone cream, etc. In the first aid kit that I carry in my car I only keep the supplies I've listed and personal comfort things like cough and cold medicine and even over-the-counter urinary tract infection medication just in case.
Nope. Twitter helps people get notified about events that they choose to want to know about. Try restating the question to have Face Book. Why would we need to know if people went to the Gym?
Follow the red wire from your alarm system,and you will find the fuse. pull it out and your alarm system will be disable. you can also cut the red wire and put some electrical tape if you can't locate the fuse.
break whatever is causing that sound

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