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Help with this formula?

Take a sheet of aluminum foil and measure its length and width in cmCalculate the areaSo I have a sheet 29cmx11cm which 319 cm2Its weight is 1 gramCalculate the volume necessary to equal the weight you measuredDivide the volume by the area to get the average thickness of the aluminum foil in centimetersTranslate the amount in to millimeters and micrometersThe Density of the aluminum is 2.699g/cm3How do I find the thickness of the foil!!!!??? Help please!


If you are making a bag, you'll want a strong, sturdy, somewhat stiff fabricStay away from100% cotton, silk, anything like thatYou could try felt, you may want to double layer it for extra strength and hold.
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Volume for a thin sheet is just areathickness and density is mass / volumeTherefore, density mass / (area thickness) thickness mass / (area density)

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