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Hiking with steel toe-capped boots?

Looking for an insight here into what hiking with steel toe-capped boots would be like, as I saw a nice pair of steel toed magnums that I plan to use for my future hiking (which I will be doing a fair amount of in the future). They seemed fairly comfortable, but I am curious into what others have to say and what might be known of this sort of approach. Thanks in advance.


Steel toed boots are very heavy compared to hiking boots, after a long hike (especially in rough terrain) the extra weight is gonna tire you out. Steel toes are made for things like construction, or doing a task where extra protection of the toe is needed. So it's not ideal, but whatever floats your boat man (better than wearing tennis shoes). I personally have Converse composite toed boots from my airsofting days and since im too cheap to buy dedicated hike boots, I use it for hiking. Its supposedly made for military use and is much lighter than steel toe. But WAIT!!! lets say you dont have a gun or knife and you run into a pissed off Sasquatch, a steel toe boot too the nutz would do well in puttin the hurt on the dude.
They are very heavy not like hiking boots but it is your choice

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