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Hotel bedding washing and maintenance methods

Hotel bedding washing and maintenance methods


Sorting washing:1) Note: * product classification: washing bedding sheets, bedspread, quilt cover, pillowcase, bathrobe.2) wash separately according to the degree of contamination.3) according to the different shades of color separate washing linen.4) the old linen washed separately, the old linen natural damage and abnormal damage should be treated differently, the old linen strength of different dehydration time length should also be different.5) different fabric ingredients should be washed separately. (such as pure cotton, T/C, pure silk)
Check whether the goods before washing with hard objects (coins, keys, scissors, needle like lighter). To avoid damage to the machine and clothing. Check whether the machine has sharp or iron debris left by the air machine.
Always check the machine, linen collection and transportation should be careful to prevent the two pollution and man-made damage, washing fashion load to the right, too much or too little to wash and wear linen are affected, and according to the degree of washing products with different setup. Such as towel products should be lower than the dehydration products, cloth sheet speed, shorter time.
In view of the different selection of products such as cleaning, washing and washing wash in different ways. Core, pillow, blanket products are not suitable for washing.
Pay attention to water quality in this area: use soft water. Hard to deal with the best water quality.Six, the correct use of detergent, grasp reasonable feeding time and temperature, understand the basic characteristics and use of detergent, avoid cotton fabric directly contact with strong acid or corrosive chemicals. For stubborn stains, should first use warm water (about 40 degrees) plus the corresponding decontamination agent soaked for 1-2 hours. Do not use bleach dark clothing, do not wash local washing, washing to large area.

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