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How can I clean the mouse on my pc. It won't roll on the mouse pad.?

I have replaced the mouse twice, after a week or so it won't roll and sticks


First of all, when crusher does his smashing thing, jump because you will not fall. Go to the junkyard, go towards the right, jump on top of the fence, jump on the tires, jump on the oils cans, then jump to the left on the car that he is standing on. Don't let him knock you off, then jump on the yellow crane thing to your left, go up it to the top, click on the red and blue switches and pull it down. He will get crushed by the refrigerator, then he will start throwing oil cans at you and knock you down. Get back up to the top of the crane while dodging the cans. Click on the switches again and flip it up. This will turn the magnet on and the hood of the car will send the crusher flying up and crushing into the magnet. He will fall back down, go to him and click him to handcuff him.
Infrared radiation can and does travel through space. But it does not travel well through the Earth's atmosphere. Much of the heating of the Earth comes from visible light being absorbed by the ground, which heats up the ground enough so that the ground emits Infrared radiation which is then prevented from escaping to space by the atmosphere.

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