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How can I convert this rice pudding recipe?

I'm making rice pudding for a family reunion and I want to make it in a slow cooker OR would I need to increase baking time if I were to cook it in a large aluminum roaster pan ((think disposable turkey roaster))


I think you'd be better off baking it in the disposable aluminum panUse your normal temperature, but it will take longer to bake than a single recipeI don't know if you're planning to double or triple the recipe, but it won't take that much longer than a single recipe - maybe 15 minutesIn the foil pan, it will probably be about the same height as your regular casserole dish that you use for a single recipeYou can tell if it's done when the edges are fully set and the middle seems just about set (similar to cheesecake)I like to sprinkle some cinnamon or nutmeg on the top just before baking to add color and extra taste.

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